№96 in Forbes list of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia
Personal Wealth in 2020 assessed at $1 billion
Russian industrialist
Technology entrepreneur
Author, film actor, spectacular events director
Singer, producer
Originator of Rybakov Music Project

The musical project of Igor Rybakov is called 'RYBAKOV'.

Igor Rybakov's debut album The Summer was Ebbing Away was released on 30 August 2020.
The album consists of five tracks: The Summer was Ebbing Away; I'm not Alone Here; Come With Me; Hold Firm; One Road, Two People

Neither a chronological biography nor a dry, methodically organised account, but a compressed trajectory of Igor Rybakov's achievements in a variety of life's settings. In matters of business, health, relationships, this book cannot fail to leave you a brighter, more alert human being.
The book "thirst"
This book describes what drives me forward. First of all, what I do to slake my thirst and satisfy my cravings, but developing from that about the underlying nature of business, because for me the concept of enterprise has a much wider and more valuable connotation than simply the pursuance of a business undertaking.