The Rybakov Foundation

A private philanthropic organisation established by Igor and Yekaterina Rybakov in 2015 for development of social-educational resources in schools.

The Foundation's mission
The focus of the Foundation's work is the equipping of educational facilities in Russia and the world such that they are fit for purpose; the establishment of a developmental tradition for the societal fabric in its entirety fuelled by its own internal resources.

The realisation of this mission required the adoption and working-out of a conception defined as 'School as the centre of the social fabric', a conception which will open the path towards improved social and teaching resources within the overall educational environment. This vision of educational resources envisages an integrated arena of collective experience available to all within its compass.

Teachers, parents, students, graduates, school directors, governors and partners, are not seen as divided between on the one hand providers of information, skills or services, and on the other consumers. All participate on a level playing field in the creation of a new understanding of education.

The creation of such an environment demands not merely a new way of doing but a new way of thinking – in co-creation, co-acting, co-existing. Towards the realisation of its mission the Foundation has set its goal as: provision of quality education for all.
That is the contribution the Rybakov Foundation makes to the Fourth Aim proclaimed by the Charter of the United Nations.